Thursday, June 11, 2009

Matt Coffey Auditions for Sandler Flick

Wouldn’t it be cool to be in an Adam Sandler flick?? Well one of our very own, Matt Coffey from Uniontown, OH is excited to tell you that he is in the running for a starring role in a soon-to-film movie starring the goofy Saturday Night Live alum, called “Lake House”. Matt’s also psyched that he already booked a short SAG film that will begin production at the end of the month… We’re also excited about Matt’s educational film he did with another Pro-Model and Talent alum in the starring role: Brooke Zubal from Hudson, OH. Not only has Matt been busy ever since he stepped foot in LA (auditioning on the “Warner Brothers” set, “General Hospital” set, and for “Sony Picture Studios”) he also continues to work locally too with cool gigs that include a television commercial for the Ohio Board of Travel and Tourism - check out the video here to see Matt's incredible talent jump off the screen!