Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brooke Zubal, Hudson, Ohio Takes Hollywood By Storm

Boy, oh boy, where do we begin with all of the AWESOME stuff that Brooke Zubal from Hudson, OH has been up to during the past few months! Sweetie pie Brooke made Los Angeles her home the first part of 2009 and has already taken Hollywood by storm. Sandy, Brooke’s mom, says Brooke loves LA and that she has been very busy with auditions, classes, and JOBS!!! Of late, Brooke has taken a lead in a Hollywood play called “Twice Upon a Time”, playing a witch named Fermelda and was offered the part of the Baroness in “The Sound of Music.” In addition to Brooke’s busy play schedule she also booked a lead in an educational film as a prima ballerina, and won the role of a birthday girl in a short film called “Now You See It”. The stage isn’t the only place Brooke shines, as she is also doing a “run through” for a new show on the Cartoon Network, auditioned for national Wii and Best Western commercials, AND she was an extra in a short film that is headed to the festivals! If you can believe it we aren’t done yet, read on… Brooke is also super stoked that she made the EKIDZ Dance team, that dances at the entertainment league basketball games that are made up of actors, directors, producers, agents and managers including: Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, and Nelly to name a few. For someone who is 11 years old, this young lady has done more in our industry than some adults that spend years in Los Angeles.

We can't wait to hear what other successes come Brooke's way!