Monday, December 21, 2009

Barbizon of Akron Collects 1000's of Toys for Akron Children in Need

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!As a result of the generosity of everyone affiliated with Pro-Model and Talent and Barbizon of Akron, we were able to collect OVER 1000 toys for hundreds of children in our local community! We want to thank you all for your support and your contributions, as we definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve this goal without your help! As a result of everyone’s goodness we provided 200 toys to the Akron Urban League, for their Breakfast with Santa event (allowing for 100 additional children to attend), over 400 toys went to the local “Toys for Tots”, and the rest to area shelters! We enjoy giving back to the community that has been so good to us for over 20 years and we are incredibly proud that we have collected/purchased record numbers this year for those in need. Thank you again to our extended Barbizon of Akron/Pro-Model and Talent family who all helped to make the holidays full of joy for many little ones in Akron, Ohio!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Julia Wright on TV for FATHEADS!

Isn't it cool to say that you know somebody on TV?! Well, now's your chance to brag to all your friends that a fellow Barbizon of Akron Grad Julia Wright is showing off her talent in a Fatheads spot that is airing locally RIGHT NOW! Just to make sure that you don't miss a lick of this super cutie the following are some times to tune into the Cartoon Network to see her in action.

12/16 - 11:09a, 3:56p, 4:13p, and 5:44p
12/18 - 4:16p
12/19 - 3:17p and 6:25p
12/20 - 2:12p

Mark your calendar people and set your alarm - you won't want to miss seeing Julia on-air!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Barbizon Grad Burgan in Print for a NEW Make-Up Line

Woo hoo! Looking ever-so-gorgeous, and lovely Barbizon of Akron grad, Candace Burgan was tickled to take part in a shoot for a brand-spankin' new skincare and make-up line. Candace's glowing complexion and bright smile was a hit with the client who raved that the shoot was a rousing success! JUST WHAT WE LIKE TO HEAR!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ashley Tharps Shows Off New IPhone App in TV Commercial

Who knew it paid so well to have pretty hands?!? Ashley Tharps has fantastic fingers and actually won the client over with them when she was recently booked for a full day of production with Nationwide Insurance … Yep, that's right folks, our gal Ashley is going to have famous hands as she shows off a new app for the IPhone called “Cartopia”. Her fingers literally did the talking for this spot as she demonstrates how the new IPhone do-hicky works! What a sweet gig. Goes to show it's a good thing take care of your hands!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Barbizon Grads Participate in Shoot for Phillips Medical System

We LOVE telling all of you about the Moolah our models make… So, here we go again!!!! Our gaggle of talent including: Sam, Miguel, Dan, Bev, Justin, Harjinder, William, and Claude were thrilled to take part in a recent Philips Medical Systems shoot and gladly accepted the generous rate they earned for a few hours in front of the camera!(Psst… They each earned between $400 and $900) Awesome! There's not a doubt in our minds that these talented folks will certainly be showering their loved ones with some super fabulous holiday gifts since they are raking in all this extra dough from all the FUN-Filled print and production they are doing these days!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Help Barbizon of Akron with Our Holiday Toy Drive!

That's right folks, 'Tis the season for giving and we here at Barbizon of Akron just love doing it! Help us make the holidays a little brighter for those in the community who are not as fortunate by donating gently used or new toys to our Toy Drive that will begin in December. Many fabulous items can be purchased at the Dollar Tree as well as other discount retailers.

Those interested in bringing a smile to the faces of several children in the community can leave items in the Barbizon of Akron Front Lobby in the bins located in the closet. Please note that the deadline for donating items is Saturday, December 19th!

We thank you in advance for your support and sharing!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barbizon of Akron Grad Marissa Irwin on Forever21 Website

I can't be positive, but I am fairly certain that there are a lot of Barbizon'ers out there who are fans of the fabulous retailer Forever 21 and their wonderful website that features all the coolest duds one could ask for!!! Well, now you all have a reason to log on to the site - and no, it's not to fulfill your shopping addiction - instead we want you to get online to see the beautifully stylish Marissa Irwin, who got her start right here at Barbizon of Akron, looking glam and fab on several pages! Take a look here first for a sneak peek!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Julia Wright in National Commercial for Fatheads

Woo Hoo! Let’s raise the roof for our enormously talented Julia Wright who was selected recently for a national commercial for Fatheads! Arduous auditioning and lots of competition didn’t deter this young lady as she nailed the part! She’ll shoot the spot that will be aired on Disney and Nickelodeon right here in Akron. Not only did she add some fabulous work to her growing resume, she earned $500 for a few hours’ work! It pays to know your stuff!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Barbizon Alum Kayley Stallings on Stage in Los Angeles

Besides all of the warm and fuzzy Christmas classics like Rudolph and Frosty the snowman, the kooky/funny story of the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” is quite popular too! In Los Angeles, our Pro-Model and Talent alum Kayley Stallings, of Hebron, Ohio is super excited to be a part of the theater production of this great classic as she takes on the role of sweetie “Cindy Loo”. The stage will be set at the prestigious Pantages Theater in LA and is sure to draw a festive crowd! How wonderful for Kayley to add more theater experience to her repertoire of national commercials, television series appearances, and of course major motion pictures. Clearly it’s no understatement to mention that Kayley is QUITE the busy gal in Hollywood! WHOOPIE!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Haley Bennett in Two Films at Venice Film Festival

Roll out the red carpet again for Haley Bennett, of Cuyahoga Falls, OH who has definitely been making a name for herself out in LA! You may remember, that our PMTM Alum Haley has already starred in several feature films including “Marley and Me” and “Music and Lyrics,” but her story certainly doesn’t stop there! Right now Haley is in two films that will premier at the Venice Film Festival - “Hole’s” Directed by Joe Dante, up for 3D picture of the year in the non-competition and short film categories and “Passages” written and directed by Shekhar Kapur, and also categorized in the non-competition sector of the festival. Haley herself just returned from glorious Venice where her dad, Ron Keeling reports she had a wonderful time – no surprise there! What’s next on the horizon? Another flick titled: “Kaboom” that will begin filming this year. How awesome that this Akron native has made it so big in the biz!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Barbizon of Akron Sponsoring Holiday Food Drive

Help Us Support The
Fight Against Hunger
Barbizon of Akron and Pro-Model and Talent Management are sponsoring a holiday food drive this season to benefit those in the community less fortunate than ourselves. We will be collecting canned goods and non-perishable items here at the Agency/Training center and NEED YOUR HELP! If every student/model/talent contributes, we can be sure to help those in need celebrate the joy of the holiday season as well!

A collection box will be placed near the entrance to the front lobby
at our building located at
3296 West Market St.
Akron, OH 44333
We MUST receive all items by:

Please help us help others and share the warmth of giving this holiday season.
Together we can make a difference !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Barbizon Grad Katie Ross Stars on USA Network

Check out Katie Ross, Medina, OH on the television show “Three Rivers”! This Barbizon grad and Pro-Model Alum not only stars on the show as a nurse, she is also the assistant medical consultant for the show based on her collegiate credentials, Katie pursued acting while going to college and as a result is now putting her college degree to work while also following her passion and working as an actress as well! It simply can’t get more perfect than that! You can catch the medical drama “Three Rivers” on the USA Network! You won’t want to miss the interesting storylines that center around organ donation from 3 points of view…the donors, the doctors, and the recipients.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michelle Gbur Takes the Cover on a Christmas Novel

Nothing warms the heart more than the festive holiday time that is just around the corner! Michelle Gbur started early this year though as she shot for the cover of a soon-to-be-released holiday novel titled: “Wild West Christmas” Check her out our model Michelle in the newsletter first though to get a sneak peek at what’s sure to be a quick seller at your nearest bookstore!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Andrea Debevc at Nordstrom Grand Opening

It was a big deal when Nordstrom held it's grand opening in Cincinnati recently! So big in fact, that they decided to book models from around the country to be bop around the store that night looking fabulous in Fall's latest looks. Andrea Debevc, a Barbizon of Akron Alum was chosen as one of the pretty gals to be flown down for the opening and we thought you like to see how great she looked courtesy of The Cincinnati Enquirer that covered the event! Andrea is show left in the gorgeous cognac hued cardi trimmed in fur.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Matt Coffy Disney Video on You Tube!

Matt Coffey sure is one talented cutie pie! Take a look at this little guy making waves on You Tube where the national commerical he did for Disney plays live! Who's Matt, you ask? Why the doll in the blue tee of course who is having a bit o' fun on the miniature golf course with a bud!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kayley Stallings in National Sour Cream Commercial

Who doesn't LOVE sour cream slathered all over everything?! Daisy Sour Cream has been making the good stuff for YEARS and has a national commercial out with a catchy little jingle that we're certain all of you out there are familiar with... Yep, that's right "Do a dollop!" Did you know that a Pro-Model alum is actually in the commercial though that airs currently?! Check out blonde cutie Kayley Stallings in action as she gets a dollop on her baked tater!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Toddlers Stay Busy with Little Tikes

Our toddlers are literally crawling at the chance to star on some fun-spirited Little Tikes packaging!
A handful of toddlers are in the process of getting booked for a number of various print assignments including: the LT Rescue Fire Truck and making, of all things: mud pies! You can see: Erin Tackett, Arielle Dull, Will Linson, Marlin Livingston, Jenna Green, Gunnar Bell, Robert Boone, Sara Street, Sami Hyde, John Jones, Carter Kendall-Luce, Abigail Hawkins, Alexis Brown, and Sebastian, looking like mini professionals and pseudo “bakers” and just having fun, while little ones like Donald Nolan, Tyson Chambers, Noah Chambers, Izzy Pucella, Carlee Garrett, Caitlin Cower take over the packaging of other various Little Tikes toys.
Our kids are in such demand that we're always looking for more!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Barbizon Grads Prance Down the Runway!

Prancing down the runway never looked so effortless and fun!

A handful of our talented models graced the runways at the Cleveland Woman’s Show at the IX Center this past month where they represented local retailers from the wide selection available at the Lodi Outlets.

You can bet Jackie Faulk, Adam Hendrickson, Gabrielle Hoffman, Tiffany Allison, Alex Kastor ruled the catwalk and kept the guests chatting about all the fab ensembles on display during the show.

Read All About Fall's Hottest Trends

We know all of you Barbizon of Akron guys and gals love to get your fashion fix every now and again, so here's your chance! Read all about the biggest trends for Fall 2009 and how to wear them and your sure to win style points! Log on NOW!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Watch Brian Byrnes in a Target Commercial!

We always TELL you all about the awesome commercials our models and talent participate in, but it's even cooler when we get to SHOW you the commericals. Make sure that you press play to see cutie Brian Byrnes showing off his gymnastics skills to the max as he flips out LITERALLY for one of Target's high energy television commericals!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Samantha Hemphill and Kayla Moore Share Tearsheet from Their DOTS Shoot

Check out how SUPER cute Samantha Hemphill and Kayla Moore look in these brand-spankin' new DOTS ads appearing not only online, but also in their circulars out NOW!
Our Barbizon Alums & Pro Model & Talent listed faces lit up in front of the camera as they scooted around set in some pretty sharp threads that are sure to fly off the shelves. Log on to check out more images of our girls and to get some great wardrobe idea's.

Our girls sure do make it look easy to be beautiful!

To read more success stories and to see more great tearsheets from local faces/talent log onto

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Talent Meet NICK CANNON at LeBron's Bike-A-Thon

We bet that most of you, would simply flip over the idea of a meet-and-greet with Nick Cannon... Well, how about meeting this superstars and getting paid while you're at it?! Our talent were at LeBron’s “King for Kids” Bike-A-Thon in Akron, but, you may not recognize them since they were dressed as Nickelodeon characters having lots of fun interacting with the kids! You can bet the likeable personalities of Amber Lee, Ashlie Kell, Megan Varga, Rys Weaver, Shimena Jasinto, and Chelsea Perkins made Brobee, Spongebob, and Dora the hits of the event and you can bet that our models also had a blast at the event since they were able to do a meet Nick Cannon! What a sweet event and a cool memory!

Camera Saavy Barbizon Grads Take Over the Pages of Improvements Magazine

Don’t flip too quickly or you may miss our talent on the pages of Improvements! Cynthia Bradley, enjoyed participating in a recent fall shoot for the gadget-zine Improvements, while our client also booked Dan Turner, Juanita Penna, and Julie Powers who proudly shot for the winter catalog. No matter the season, our models are in style and in demand!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barbizon Grad Liz Vining Books Voice-Over Work for 2 Animated Series!

Liz Vinning, originally from Mount Vernon, Ohio and a Barbizon of Akron Graduate, is also a Pro-Model and Talent Hollywood transplant who is enjoying life and the experience of acting in the movie and TV capital of the world to the absolute fullest. Liz’s talents are hard to go unrecognized which is why many of the auditions she goes on conclude with grand success. In the last few months, Ms. Liz booked a voice-over gig for the animated web series titled: “Hot Businesswomen” and “My Life Plus Animals”. Liz is represented by a top voice-over agency in Los Angeles that continues to provide her with terrific opportunities! Way to go!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Barbizon of Akron Grad & Pro-Model Alum/Fashion Model, Marissa Irwin, Travels to Italy

Italy is home to romance, delicious food, incredible history and soon to be a temporary dwelling for model Marissa Irwin, of North Canton, Ohio who is listed with The Wilhelmina Agency in New York City. This globe trotting beauty will soon be leaving her home base, New York City to work in the city of eternal sunshine—LA. Then, she’s jetting off to Europe to waltz her way through the ruins of ancient Italian cities throughout the bulk of October and November We can’t wait to hear about all the bookings this beauty has snagged while in Los Angeles and eagerly anticipate what is to come while in Italy! What a wonderful way to see the world!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Barbizon Grad Jess Dyer in Print for Gojo

Jessica Dyer had a great hand-le on a recent GoJo hand modeling project for a series of long-term care companies! Jessica was booked for the job due to her pretty hands but that’s not all that impressed the client… Jess was a pure hit due to her professionalism and knowledge on set... And as a result is already getting booked for other projects.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Barbizon Grad Gary Tisor Stars in Webisode for Hot Pockets

Take a look at our fabulous guy Gary Tisor hauling an oxygen tank around for this Hot Pockets "Webisode". We just had to share this humorous bit with all of you and encourage you to pass it along to all your friends and family!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

John Jones on American Greetings Card

AW! Everyone look at the cutie pie on the card! In this case we’re talking about John Jones who looks absolutely irresistible on a heart warming Mother’s Day card! Our little guy’s card will be available for purchase in the American Greetings aisle during the 2010 Mother’s Day season and is sure to fly off the shelves. Be sure to grab one for yourself and brag that you got a preview of the card here first!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Barbizon of Akron Alums in Key Bank Television Spot

Get ready to spot a slew of our uber-talented actors and actresses in action for a video production gig for Key Bank! Our crew of talent including: Christian Hayes, Lynn Koehler, Claude Jordan, William Smith, Kelly Goins and Harjinder Singh will act as helpful bank tellers in the upcoming television spot.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Local Talent Gary Tisor, Bev Baum, Bill Walko, and Claude Jordan in Print for COSE

COSE, an organization in Northeastern Ohio has enlisted the good looks and high talents of Gary Tisor, Bev Baum, Bill Walko, and Claude Jordan for an upcoming photoshoot. Our quartet of talent are thrilled to be called upon for some more face time in front of the camera with this widely-known local company and can’t wait to earn a nifty paycheck too! Lookin' good!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mike Lupton in Nike National Commercial

Let's hear it for Mike Lupton, a Pro-Model and Talent alum has truly found his niche in Hollywood and has been super busy in 2009.

We are amazed that this cuties success and just love to brag about his roles on: MTV’s 13 Hearts and Parental Controls, an independent film called “Getting That Girl”, AND a brand spankin’ new Nike national commercial.

While all of Mike’s accomplishments are truly mind-blowing we do have to mention, that for Nike commercials there are thousands of actors competing for one role – so needless to say, it’s pretty stinkin’ cool Mike landed it! Swish!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hemphill and Moore in Print for DOTS!

Woo wee! It’s awesome to report that Kayla Moore and Samantha Hemphill were booked for a photoshoot with DOTS, the Cleveland-based clothing company! The girls shot at headquarters for a FULL day’s work modeling the latest fashions and having lots of fun to boot! The really neat part though is that the shoot went so incredibly well that DURING the whole thing, the client asked the girls back again for the following week – doubling your paycheck sure isn’t something to scoff at, that’s for sure! You can bet, that the informative training the girls have behind them and the positive attitude they displayed paid off – LITERALLY!!!SWEET!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mini Barbizoners in Print for Joann Fabrics

Who doesn’t like to go “behind the scenes” and check out all the prep and pomp involved in putting together a photoshoot… Since we like to be nosy we thought you too might be interested in checking out these candid shots of a mini Snow White, Ava Charriere who dressed up just right for her shoot with Hudson-based Joann Fabrics. Other talent that participated in the shoot also donned darling get-ups like Isabella Maglis who roared on set as a little Cheetah. Our little ones always do such a terrific job on set! We can't wait to hit up a Joann's store in the fall and see these cuties looking Halloween FESTIVE!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Matt Coffey stars in XD national commercial!

Think our Talent just work in OHIO alone?! Think again! A huge number of our Pro-Model and Talent Alums who got their start right here at our Agency can also boast spots in major feature films, national commericals, and independant films alike. Take Matt Coffey for instance, originally from Uniontown, OH. who is not only soaking up the sun in pretty Los Angeles but also working and auditioning a-plenty! Matt’s great image and larger-than-life personality is what wins casting directors over time after time and in this instance it happened to be for the folks at Disney! So, sound the trumpets, because Matt is proudly shouting from the rooftops that he will be starring in a Disney XD NATIONAL commercial – and while Matt is stoked to just be in the commercial – he’s even more proud of this accomplishment since he was up against HUNDREDS of other guys for the role!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiri Stevens Stars on USA Network Series

We just LOVE it when our local talent make it BIG in the national market! And of course we also enjoy spreading the word too...

Take Kiri Stevens for instance who is originally from Cincinnati Ohio and competed in the IMTA Convention being represented by Pro Model and Talent - this super talented and DRIVEN dude, made the move out to LA a couple of years ago and has been steadily auditioning and working ever since. In the past year alone Kiri appears on the USA network in a series titled: "The Edge Chronicles" where he plays "Jerry". He's also just wrapped the filming of two independant films as well titled: "Writers Block" and "Waltz of the Doldrums". Inbetween working Kiri auditions too... Most recently for roles on shows such as: "Law and Order", "Cold Case", and "I Carly".

Amazed by Kiri's success thus far then click here for a more detailed look at what this Pro Model and Talent and Barbizon of Akron alum has been up to in LA!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Barbizon of Akron August News!!!

It's not uncommon for folks to be eager to don some pretty clothes, have someone profession touch up your hair and make-up and feel like a star for at least a few hours... That's exactly what our models and talent experience on a monthly basis when they get booked for fabulous print and production work with the major companies that surround our Tri-State area. Our models and talent work with the likes of Little Tikes, Dicks Sporting Goods, DOTS, Hoover, The Ohio Bureau of Travel and Tourism, countless retailers, and many, many more. If you want to read all about the AWESOME SUFF our guys, gals, and little ones are up to then check out for the FULL scoop!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gary Pezzuolo Tells all about how he got started in the BIZ!

Our talent love working in the local commercial market and enjoy all the cool gigs they get to do as a result of all the training they recieved at Barbizon of Akron! Of course, you dear readers, are always interested in learning about the fun projects that our talent get booked for month by month, but we'd also guess that you're all a tab bit curious about how our fabulous guys and gals got into this business to begin with... and perhaps, you are also interested in stealing one of their secrets of success too!
Take Gary Pezzuolo for instance, who is originally from Pennsylvania and who incidentally is a Dick's Sporting Goods favorite and has graced the runway of many bridal shows throughout the tri-state area!
Make sure to check out Gary's interview to get the "Straight Talk" directly from Gary's lips to our website! ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Barbizon Offers fabulous styling tips!

Want to find out what the latest fashions are, and where to shop for some really awesome new digs?! Then check us out on the web where Barbizon of Akron constantly features fabulous styling tips on the Hot Tips page. Following the proceeding link to find out about all the hype! We guarantee you'll be a fan and will come back for more!

This month we are featuring great ideas on what to wear to that fabulous summer picnic you have scheduled. Don't wait... Log on now!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Barbizon Grad Russo, Talks about her Success in LA

It's always cool to find out what our talent are up to month by month and day by day, but have you ever wondered how our fabulous people got their start in modeling and acting!? We're sure that your slightly curious as to when our guys and gals were bitten by the "Acting/Modeling bug" so to speak and where they are originally from... You may also be eager to hear their tips and advice on gaining success within the industry too...

If we've wet your appetite at all be sure to check out this month's featured fabulosity: Alex Russo, who has a lot to say about life and her love of acting!

Don't miss out CLICK HERE!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Little Ones Seen In Print for Joann Fabrics

We’re “SEW” excited for our little ones Antonio, Isabella, and Lohen who were booked for a photoshoot with JoAnn Fabrics! These two little cuties will be shown smiling away and enjoying themselves to the max in upcoming summer circulars and even on the Joanne Fabrics website, while cutie petutie Isabella did some print work for upcoming Halloween advertisements. Log on to see PMTM faces now at We’re “sew” happy about what a terrific job all these little ones did!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marissa Irwin Pretty in Bouncy Curls!

When does Marissa Irwin NOT look good!? Of course, the answer is “NEVER”. This girl is in constant demand for various print assignments where she is done up in the latest fashions, smiling away, and looking super model-esque to the MAX! All of you Pro-Model and Talent fans who are keeping up know that Marissa has donned some pretty sweet threads in magazines like Seventeen, The Knot, Inside Weddings, Palm Beach Magazine, Elle - among many others! Recently though Marissa acquired some new images of herself where we see her fluffed up with oodles of bouncy curls and pretty girly makeup. Take a look right here for yourself at how simply MAH-velous Marissa is and continue to tune in for updates on what this young model is up to next!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Katie Ross makes numerous appearences on hit shows!

Katie Ross wants to give all of you a “Head's up” that she will be making appearance #2 on a Criminal Minds "Amplification" episode this month! The lovely actress is proud to announce that when she played an Emergency Room nurse for the show, the fabulous director, Johnny Gallagher, gave her some extra camera time by going in for a close up! Also, if you missed Numb3rs "The Fifth Man" episode a few weeks back you can check Katie out online capturing the bad guy! So log on NOW to see a fellow Pro-Model and Talent alum sharing the small screen with the talented actors on Numb3rs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Natali in Print for Kroger

Let's hear it for Patricia Natali! We just got word from Kroger that they were so pleased with the result of her work two years ago that they are using the commercial again. The best part?? She gets paid again since the original contract was for only one year! Just goes to show, it definitely pays to do well the first time around!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Barbizon of Akron's own Drew Tyler Bell stars in "Her Best Move"

Barbizon of Akron's OWN... Drew Tyler Bell stars as Josh in the Disney Channel Movie "Her Best Move" on this Saturday, July 11th at 7:00p EST.
Click here to read our exclusive one-on-one interview with Drew!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gary Tisor in Print for Invacare

Our very own Barbizon of Akron graduate, Gary Tisor is never shy about telling everyone the details of the fun print and production gigs he does here at Pro-Model and Talent! Most recently, jolly Gary, spent a full day shooting with a video crew for Invacare! As a classic model/actor, Gary was booked to actively illustrate the use of various medical supplies created by the company. What’s even better, is that this was Gary’s 2nd booking with Invacare this year! Gary was requested back because of his professionalism on camera, and pleasant demeanor! Who doesn’t want to work with a cheery AND talented guy!? Way to go Gary!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Talent in Print for Macys!

Ho! Ho! Ho! For a slew of our models it was definitely “Christmas early” for a recent photoshoot! Our expressive tots Jacob Hunt, Madison Thomas, Dominique Evans, and Hev’Vaughn Balfour were on set writing serious wish-list, letters to Santa for a Holiday season ad for Macy’s, while the ever-motherly looking Naomi Gurley and Michelle Colapietro played “Mom” to this gaggle of kiddies looking supportive and helpful as the cuties scribbled wish-lists for good old St. Nick. Keep your eyes peeled for the heartwarming ad that will premier during the holiday season this year!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Erin McKinley in Cleveland Zoo Commercial

Recent Barbizon of Akron Graduate, Erin McKinley, can't stop smiling these days all because of that fastidious auditioning process she went through recently! And boy did her hard work sure pay off!! We are proud to announce, that the talented and bubbly Erin McKinley has already scored a MAJOR gig with a MAJORLY cool client - The Cleveland Zoo! Erin will rule the local TV waves as she appears on the small screen with oodles of dinosaurs for the commercial!! You can bet that Erin is super stoked to see herself on the small screen this summer, and excited to tell all of her friends to watch for her on TV! Make sure you're watching for her too!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kelly Holtz Shoots with NYC Photographer

Kelly Holtz from S. Euclid, OH. who has big dreams of big city adventures was stoked because she was able to stay in the Ikon Models models’ apartments recently AND, even cooler was able to shoot with a top New York City photographer. Kelly is super thankful to Barbizon of Akron and PMTM for all that she has done so far within the industry and had these kind words to say: “I wanted to thank everyone at Barbizon of Akron for giving me the tools I need to do well in this industry. You have all stuck by me through all of the training. It was so helpful and you have really taught me a lot. Thank you so much…I am so happy I came to Barbizon and Pro-Model and Talent, it was one of the best choices I made in my life.”